Updated July 2016





Once a project is completed an invoice will be sent via e-mail, if hard copies or duplicates are needed (upon request) they will be sent via postal mail to the address provided by the client.

Payment Schedule

Client has (7) business days from the date the final draft was completed to submit full payment.


Projects starting at $200 require a $50 deposit, projects starting at $500 require a $150 deposit which will be applied to final payment.


Unpaid Projects

Any unpaid print projects containing the matte-and-gloss.com watermark will be subject to copyright infringement if altered, posted, printed or reproduced.

Any web based projects will be subject to the same terms if not first replaced by 'Unpaid Project' link.






If client requests changes and/or additions that were not included in the original scope of the project, previously quoted turnaround times will be extended and a change fee may be incurred.

*All changes must be submitted within (7) days after payment is sent.


If client decides work is not acceptable designer should have the opportunity to effect a cure. This includes repairing, correcting, or re-designing work to make it acceptable to the client.


If a project is cancelled after it has been completed payment is still required, the design may be used at another time.  Projects requiring a deposit will not be refunded upon cancellation.




Scope of License

The license granted to the client is a non-exclusive one-time license to reproduce and display the project for that period of promotion or sale. Designer retains the continuing right to display, reproduce work (in print and online portfolios) and make adaptations ("derivative works") of the project. Exclusive rights can be arranged by request and original files will be released for 300% cost.

Additional Licenses

Once the original license expires another will be made available and includes any changes made to verbiage-only at 50% the cost of the original project price.

Third-party Material

When client submits intellectual property owned by a third-party to be included in the project the client shall be held responsible for respecting the usage limitations placed on the property, and should inquire about negotiating usage rights with the owner.

Liquidated Damages

If client exceeds the original scope of the license, damages caused by unlicensed usage is calculated at 300% of the original project price. This also includes copyright infringement or unauthorized use of intellectual property.


This is a mutual agreement of non-disclosure between both the designer and the client so that proprietary information is protected.


Any changes or additions made to the project by either the client or third party is prohibited unless full license is purchased or written agreement is made.


A credit line will be applied to any and all work, once project is completed and introduced to the public Designer retains the right to add client name to list of client's and also submit project into design competitions.

Relationship of Parties

Matte and Gloss functions as an independent contractor and shall not be considered an employee of, nor forming a joint venture or partnership with the client and has the ability to bring in assistants or agents as needed.


It is your responsibility to check these terms often.